Multitrack Simultaneous Editing? Help Please

Hello. I’m attempting to find a way to link tracks in cubase so that editing CC in one changes the CC in the other track and vice-versa. I’ve searched online, but I haven’t found a method. Does this functionality exist?

I’m looking forward to responses.



I’m not sure, if this is exactly, what you are looking for, but… You can create shared copy of any region (event). If these copies are shared, you can change any parameter in one of the copy, which makes changes in the second copy (and vice-versa).

If you don’t want to share whole MIDI region (with MIDI notes), you can create own region for MIDI CCs only, and place it abow (or under) the MIDI region with notes. Of course, you can use lanes for better displaing. This should works.

That sounds about right: share the midi CCs and NOT the midi notes. How exactly would I set up this system?


You can make the shared copy of Audio or MIDI parts by clicking on the part, pressing [Alt]/[Option]-[Shift], and dragging. There is = mark on the right top corner, which says, this is shared.

That only works if I want to create a few new tracks from scratch that share BOTH MIDI CC and notes. I’d like to be able to make multiple tracks, each with different lines, but with the ability to share MIDI CC only. Ideally, I’d like to pick and choose (share only CC1 and CC2). Is this possible?

In essence, I’m not aware of any automation part that can be shared as MIDI events can.

EDIT: Do you mean that I should create a separate midi track just for MIDI CCs? That could work.

EDIT: Last thing: How do I un-share tracks?


You can do this exactly the way, I wrote.

Make more Lanes. Lane 1 is with MIDI notes only. Line 2 is with MIDI CCs only. Or with CC1 only. Then, you can make shared copy of the part in the Lane 2. Your Lane 1, you can copy normal way (without sharing). It works.

Shared copy isn’t copying of whole track, it’s copying of exact region (part).

Yes, you can create mor tracks with the same MIDI channel and the same MIDI Output. So you can use one track for MIDI notes, different track or MIDI CCs, or different tracks for different CCs. If you will use the same settings of output and channels, you can separate these data very comfortable.

You can’t un-share the track. You can un-share the region/part. Just make copy (note shared, by pressing only Alt, not Alt+Shift) of the shared copy. This new copy is non-shared. You can place this on the old position, and delet the old shared copy.

All right then, thank you very much for your help!