MultiTrack SYNC ISSUES w/ Folder Sync

There is nothing subtle about this issue. The “GROUP EDITING” feature when in a folder track is basically useless… mainly because it is unreliable. I spend 75% of my time comping drums, and I can tell you this function “looses sync” ALL THE TIME! I consider myself a pretty good troubleshooter, and there is no sense too what makes the folder “loose sync”. It is annoying, it is remarkable that no Cubase moderator has addressed the issue. Maybe there are only a very small percentage of Cubase users recording multi-tracks, so it goes to the back burner. I am going to try and go back to my “old way” of editing: i group each take as soon as I stop recording. In the end, my edits are controlled by the groups. Sad, frustrating, but all I got.

I use the group editing function. I’ve never had a problem losing sync unless it’s through something I’ve done.

Are you able to reproduce losing the sync?

Same here

Very hard to nail down why. might be to do with bug on front to back ordering. I see sometimes the track that no longer obeys a cut and makes the folder out of sync wants to move behind or in front of another track. Defintely very bugged!! Need to reproduce this but not sure how yet.

Has this been logged as an issue?
There is no reason that multitrack files with the Folder sync enabled should slip out of group sync and yet they do extremely random and very frequently.

Is there a suspend sync shortcut that I’m enabling by accident???

I can vouch the same experience. Can we have input from other users who frequently edit multitrack drums or other? I frequently edit multi drums, orchestra, guitars with multiple mics etc… Sync gets lost extremely frequently and edits get very messed up. Reproducing it as a process is difficult.

Same here! It happens to me virtually every time I comp drums.

This morning, I was comping 7 takes of drums using the old fashioned scissors and mute/unmute method (not the comp tool). Snap to zero crossings is off. Group editing is on.

All working perfectly for a short while, but then some of the cut events (not all of them) dropped out of sync.

I have no idea why this is. I tried turning off and on the group editing icon on the folder, and was told “items not in sync”.

Maybe it’s something to do with the crossfade tool buggering up the lengths(?)
Some internal rounding error maybe (there are already rounding errors in delete doubles and legato - ffs) which causes lengths to vary between tracks, thereby losing sink (?)

Another thing I’ve noticed is that around the time of the loss of sync, the display gets very very sluggish at high zoom levels…

Stumped :confused:

What version of Cubase are you on? Not that its fixed in 8.5.15 - it isn’t. This problem has been there since it was introdced

i know the problem.
the issue is if you edit with “snap to zero crossing” active, the cut point in the audio on different tracks is going to be in different places. thats where Cubase looses the plot.
my solution:
all editing in this mode with zero-crossing OFF! as a last step do all your cross fading an fade in/outs to avoid cliks

That makes sense. Has someone reported that?

All of my multi editing is done with snap to zero turned off… so theres something else at play

I have snap to zero crossings off at all times. I never enable it. Still goes out of sync.

very strange. once i discovered the snap to zero thing all my problems of loosing sync disappeared.

How many takes do you usually have on each lane?

Maybe the bigger the number of takes = more chance of failure

between 3-14 tracks…

I now have a CPR file that demos this bug in action!

In the demo project there are two tracks, “Kick” and “Snare”, each with 5 lanes of takes, inside a folder track that has group editing enabled.

When you load it you will get warnings about missing files… just ignore these by closing the dialog box.

  1. With the arrow tool, select the take in Kick lane 5.
  2. On the menu, select “Edit > Move to > Front”
  3. Select the scissors tool.
  4. On the Kick track OVERVIEW LINE (not one of the lanes) make a cut with the scissors. Observe the cuts that have been made to the Kick and Snare takes.

What happens is that cuts appear on all 5 of the Kick takes, and on only one of the Snare takes.

Congratulations, your takes are now out of sync.

If you now disable and re-enable “group editing” on the drums folder track, you will be told “the tracks in this folder are no longer in sync”


Maybe someone can repro this on Cubase 8 and verify it’s still there?

This project doesn’t get out of sync here.
Cuts appear on all 5 of the Kick takes, and on all 5 of the Snare takes.

Hmm. I get that result too, unless I first do the “Move To Front”.

Well, at least I now know what to avoid doing on my system (ie. chopping the overview lane)…

same here. syncs perfectly.
using C8.5.15

Here’s the bug in action. In this video I first show files are in sync. The I make a cut on on of the lanes. Then choose the arrow tool again. Then select around the parts. You notice it’s now out of sync, the cut part acting as if folder sync is off.
Then I undo, and parts are in sync again.every time I edited the top part at this stage things got out of sync

On this song there are 16 drum tracks being edited. But I’ve had the issue with 3 tracks (e.g. Acoustic Left, Acoustic Right, Acoustic DI)