Multitrack velocity adjustment

Simple question - is it any way to adjust velocity on a few tracks at once ? ( Cubase Pro 8 )


Yes, there are multiple options.

If you don’t use Volume automation, you can select these tracks, hit Alt + Shift and move one of the fader. Thanks to the Alt + Shift, Q-Link is applied, so these faders are linked for that time.

If you want to make the Linking more permanent, you can select these channels right-click in the MixConsole and Link them.

You can also add a Group Channel and route Outputs of these channels to this Group Channel. Then you can adjust the Volume of all channels by the Group Channel fader. This has the advantage, you can use it even if these tracks have some automation already.

And the most modern way (new in Cubase Pro 8), you can use VCA fader. This is somehow inbetween Linking and Group. You can also use it to the tracks with automation, it is nit a “sub-mix” (as Group Channel is). You directly affect the Volume faders of the channels via the VCA Fader.

I wouldn’t like to be missunderstood. I asked about velocity ( midi key editor ) not volume

you can reduce the velocity on the info line when you’re on the main page. Select the track reduce by say 10. Probably works if you select several tracks at once. You could maybe use the midi compressor and copy it across all the tracks too.

You can use Info Line, as describbed, or you can select MIDI events, you want to edit, use MIDI > Functions > Velocity. In the Velocity window, select Type: Add/Subtract, set Anmount (negative value for reducing), and click OK.


INFO LINE !!! to easy to be real :slight_smile: