Multitrack warp quantizing

Great update! This new audio quantizing method ROCKS!! Much better than the multiple cross-fades… Thank you guys!! :smiley: :smiley:

It is very cool - especially for electric guitars when you track a DI with the amps to be used as the warp points guide.

Will give it a try!

Any tuturial on this?

I suppose I could make one…

Basically you need to do this:

  • Put your DI + Amp signal into a new folder
  • Enable group editing for the folder (little button with 2 horizontal lines)
  • Double-click your DI signal to open the sample editor and go to the Hitpoints tab
  • Adjust the threshold to create Hitpoints for the DI track
  • Open the Quantize Panel (Edit → Quantize Panel)
  • Click the “Audiowarp” button and then click the “Create” button under the top Warp Tab section (if this says Slice then you’re not in Audiowarp mode)
  • Press the Quantize button down the bottom and your DI and Amp tracks should now be quantized based on the DI track’s warp points and main quantize settings