Multitrack Wrap phase coherance still buggy cb12.0.10

Issue phase coherent multitrack free wrap still has the same issues… Cant bounce in place, will cause me to force quit application cuz it freezes. its soooooo annoying, this update did nothing for me at least, been waiting for it and they said they would fix it. seems like a generic reply to all problems… cubase 12 crashes constantly also, will be interesting to see if that is solved at least…



Title says one bug, what did I do incorrectly. Just trying to be a part of the community and being vocal about the features that aint working correctly.

  • spelling error of the most important word (in the subject AND the body of the message)
  • missing tag “issue” as per the post I attached

Being part of the community also means

  • spelling things correctly, so they can be found with the search engine
  • following the bug reporting guidelines, including, learning how to add the correct tags to posts - in this case, the post should have the tag “issue”, so that the Steinberg development team will actually have a chance to see it, without having to carefully read every single post on this forum