Multitracking in Cubase 4 -- HELP !!

Hey sorry if this is the wrong place for this but I’m not sure where to jump in. Please advise or let me know if you can help. Thanks

Ok. Trying to record some nice tracks of the band during rehearsal. I’m running a MacBookPro 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/ 4GB RAM / internal 500GB @ 7200RPM external 2TB
FW800 @ 7200RPM.

Recording @ 44.1 / 16bit

I’ve been recording in Cubase for years but never tried multitracking 18 channels at once.
The first 2 song recordings went fine but then I got a message saying I did not have the room left? I notice that as I activate record on each track the Record Time number in the bottom of the tracking window decreases from about 3000hrs to 280 or so. Am I missing something here? I should surely be able to do this. Even if I had to dump everything from my drive before each session.

Please help. I hate not knowing.

You’re recording to the internal drive or the external 2TB drive? If the external, does the project definitely have the audio folder set as being on that drive? Also, how much free space is on each of those drives?


Hi. Well I think I may be working toward an answer. I just hooked up my external tonight w/ 1.8 TB available and its
allowing me to record all 18 no problem. My internal probably has about 300GB left on it.

So is that the answer, a BIG/FAST storage drive? If that’s the case, I’m not understanding the math and how it gets there but like I said, when no tracks are activated I show to have about 2800HR of record time left. With 1 trk mono activated it doubles to about 5600HR but as I keep adding it just chunks away until it drops to about 280HR of record time. So, if I recorded 1 hr of 18 mono tracks of audio and stung them out in one long linear strip then I can assume I’ve used 18 of the 280HRs correct?

Sorry. Just having a hard time wrapping my head around this one. Thanks for your help.

And do you have any idea what calculation is used to determine you MAX record time? It doesn’t seem to change
even if I shorten the project time setting in the Project Setup drop down.


I would imagine with one track enabled it calculates time to full capacity and with 18 tracks enabled it divides that by 18. Regardless of set project length as that number is dynamic when in record mode.

Remembering that in the disk drive environment a Megabyte is equal to one million bytes rather than the binary Megabyte of 2**20 (1048576) bytes