Multple RME cards - getting reversed on sample rate change???

When using multiple RME cards, the cards are getting reversed somehow. Output routing is changing when I change sample rates.

I have 3 RME cards

Card 1 = RME AIO
Card 2 = RME HDSPe AES --> Apogee DA-16X #1
Card 3 = RME HDSPe AES --> Apogee DA-16X #2

If I create a Cubase project at 44khz, and create a stereo output in Cubase, and route it to HDSPe AES 32 1 (2) and HDSPe AES 32 2(2), all is fine. The signal comes out the first two outputs of Apogee DA-16X #1.

If I change the sample rate to 192khz, the two AES cards are suddenly reversed!!! So even though the signal is still routed the same in Cubase, the audio starts coming out the other card! I’m getting audio out Apogee DA-16X #2!!! But it should be coming out Apogee DA-16X #1.

I have changed nothing other than the sample rate… WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? I’M LOSING MY MIND!!! Very frustrated because I have some huge projects I’m trying to work on, and the routings are all messed up when I open projects at different sample rates. PLEASE HELP! I haven’t tested all sample rates, but 192 is definitely the opposite of 96khz or 44khz. It’s really strange - because when the signal is reversed, RME Totalmix still shows the output on card 1, but the actual audio is actually coming out card 2 into Apogee DA-16X #2.