Musescore 4, Muse Sounds

could be! Do we know for sure that NP4 will come out in 2023? There’s already been quite a gap since v3.

supposed to come out first quarter of 2023.

I realize that users of this forum have suggested NP4 might be released in Q1 2023 but I’ve not seen any confirmation from Arne Wallander or his company. Instead, several months ago I read Arne’s response to this question in which he said it takes a long time to develop software focused on new concepts/technologies (interesting!) and there was as yet no imminent release date for NP4. I understood this to translate into a still significant wait but would love to hear more encouraging news if there is any.

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I think you are right on this, Mike. I double checked and back in October Arne mentioned that NP4 was “taking longer than expected” hence he issued the apple silicon version of 3.3.2 to tide people over until NP4 was ready. He didn’t specify when the new version would be ready. (unless he has done so on another forum)

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Yes, he did so on the VI Forum. I quoted his comments here:


Thanks James and Ben. I am happy to learn that 2023 Q1 really is when NP4 is expected to launch, and excited to read Arne’s words in Ben’s referenced posting:

I will be very interested to find out more about the “disruptive notation program technology” and also any optional supplementary content.


I have had a sneak peek of the disruptive technology Arne is talking about, and it does indeed have the potential to be quite the game-changer.


that’s certainly interesting and encouraging!

“Disruptive Notation Program Technology.” In my day we simply called these “live performers.”

Really though - very exciting news!


You have NO idea how hard it is to hold in the “SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!”


That will make Dorico even "perfect-er":upside_down_face: Wishing you and the Dorico team a very Merry Christmas- along with thanks for your amazing work on our behalf.


I get Studio One 5 from Prsonus Sphere for about that. I couldn’t afford the upfront cost all at once. Plus, i already own Notion 6 (my 2nd favorite notation program- after Dorico, of course). I did so because i could afford the low monthly fee, and because Notion 6 and Studio One can import/export directly into each other’s program from within each. BUT- Dorico is- and I expect now will always be- my #1. The Dorico team are amazing.

You mean we will be able to do string glissando? :slight_smile:


even more important is the brass glissando!


That requires changes on the Dorico side, not the NotePerformer side – NotePerformer is already perfectly well able to play glissandos. But I imagine you know this quite well already.

indeed I do, Daniel. :grinning: This is the main reason why I never bothered to do a Dorico version of my Sibelius created symphony using NP.

UPDATE actually I lied – to be pedantic, I have by now created Dorico versions of all my Sibelius scores so I no longer need to use it, other than occasionally looking at works written by those who have not yet seen the light. But this particular symphony will only get any serious attention with NP4.

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To be honest, I’d say that Noteperformer should remain an option in all top 3 notation programs (Dorico/Sibelius/Finale), and not be bound exclusively to only one program. (Perhaps I misread your proposal, in which case I apologise!)

But, a built in support feature would definetely be welcome :wink:

I’m looking forward to what Noteperformer 4 will bring to the table, and that I can use it both in Dorico and Sibelius (still switching a lot back and forth depending on the kind of project I’m working on).

I Don’t disagree with you; if it were to be siloed into only one of the big three, it would be a tremendous loss for the other two. I was just mentioning that if, for instance, you got a free copy of NP4, someone would manage to find a way to complain.

Like you though, I hope there is some back-end communication between the dorico dev team and Arne to make the two work together to the best degree possible. This appears to be the case, so I’m excited, especially now that Arne has mentioned the upgrade will be free to existing users! It would be neat, for instance, if Dorico built in a 1 second buffer to the green follow line, so that the playback was in perfect sync with the delayed NP render.


I like that idea.

Daniel’s comment above “"it does indeed have the potential to be quite the game-changer” is definitely intriguing. I’m also interested in Arne’s comment about “supplementary content”. Could this be about extending NP’s sound library? Hope so…


interesting - and perhaps off topic from this thread - but I was looking at some Straight Ahead VST’s and they have a 4 beat offset requirement (to use smart delay) - easy to do it a DAW apparently, but could Dorico accomodate that? Might be a problem to solve for multiple potential VSTs?

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