Mushy LFOs?

I am confused by the behaviour of using an LFO to modulate Osc 1 Level. A Square LFO is practically indistinguishable from a Sine, and the other shapes aren’t sharp either.

If I instead choose the overall Level, or Volume 1 in the Mod Matrix dropdown, I get a proper Square on/off. Why is it mushy for the specific oscillator Level? (It works correctly (as expected) for Osc 1 Pitch).

Am I missing something obvious?

You’re not missing something obvious.

Internally Halion’s oscillator levels are set up to be changed via mouse input or midi cc.
When using midi cc, smoothing is applied to the incoming signal, and somehow that affects LFO signals too.

Volume 1 & 2 and Level is currently the only way to make rapid level changes for a zone.

Seems a bit strange that it would be smoothed so much that a square and a sine sound practically the same, but okay, if that’s the way it is. I guess the solution then would be to layer separate zones, rather than try to apply to one of the oscillators within a zone.

Thanks much for your response/confirmation AposMus. Now I can let the scabs from scratching my head heal. :face_with_head_bandage:

It appears the OSC level modulates from the current level each direction while the other options modulate the entire signal from 0 to 100, giving you a macro level control.

Unless I misunderstand you abject39, there is no difference at all whether the current oscillator level is set from 0 to 100%. In fact, once the LFO is assigned in the Mod Matrix, the Oscillator Level has no effect at all. It is effectively set to 100%.

I would have thought that the LFO would modulate the Oscillator at whatever the Osc Level was set. And a square would be a square, being quiet if the Level was low, and louder if the Level was high.

This HALion behaviour remains a mystery that just gets more opaque to me.