[Music] 2 songs; Sahara and Bean Ice (made with Music Studio)

Hey everyone.

This is my first time posting on this community, however I have been part of the Music Studio group (Xewton) for a number of years now. It seems like this is the right place to share what I got, so, uh, here’s what I got.

Bean Ice: https://soundcloud.com/mediocrityatbest/bean-ice
Bean Ice is sort of a funky ~loosely~ jazzy tune. There is not much going on with it however I do find it to be upbeat and engaging nonetheless. It has a solid groove throughout, a few solos, all the good stuff needed.

Sahara: https://soundcloud.com/mediocrityatbest/sahara
Sahara is a more of an experimental piece. I was not sure how it was going to develop, but the end product is quite unique. Written in 5/4, this piece has a very heavy ambient, themed style with it.