[Music] 4 new pop productions using cubase 6

Thought I would share a Dropbox link to four recent productions of mine using Cubase 6 and Halionsonic. Also used Musiclabs RealGuitars2 for acoustic and RealLPC for electrics.

Feedback welcome good or bad :slight_smile:


  1. Butterflies - http://db.tt/8tfCbPX
  2. Eva - http://db.tt/h0UTa6D
  3. What’s Everybody Looking For - http://db.tt/sGfZ0pD
  4. Thinking Of You - http://db.tt/Z4ujtVd

At first glance…I’m just super impressed!

Very talented Al…

I’m going to revist when my ears are not ringing from the weekend gigs…well, not so much ringing, just tired.


Thanks Rick :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about the ringing ears too!


This is you as producer and engineer? They sound great, you clearly know what you’re doing. Nice job.

Yes. And thank you :slight_smile: