[Music] A Fifth World Kids' Ballad

Listen to A Fifth World Kids’ Ballad!

Made with my new PC.
From my side, I think I was able to make more clarity overall, but tell me…

Hi Stephco, lovely atmosphere on this one! I hope your new PC can support all of your demands on Cubase! I have said before, and so I will say again, you often remind me of Weather Report (Joe Zawinul) in the harmonies you use, and the way you develop rhythmic patterns. What sound sources are you using?

Hey Early21,
First, thanks again for your time listening. In fact my wife told me that I should invest in a really strong PC, knowing the time i’m working on it :slight_smile:.
With her greenlight…, I decided to buy a Gamer PC: MSI RT75 Titan 8RG. Amazing, like 4 or 5 times minimum the power of my old Lenovo W520.
I don’ t have anymore audio cuts and I can go to details to shape the sound the way it has to.

I’m trying to stick to Steinberg products. My Setup is Cubase Pro 10, Absolute 4 and a couple of Steinberg Sound Extensions. I also have a very few free FX plugins. I don’t really use other stuff like for instance Native Instruments VSTIs or others.

To answer your question, it’s Groove Agent based, I play with Steinberg samples (Change, Add with GA5). i’m editing directly the beats/grooves in Drum Editor.
For the rest, as i’m a pianist, i’m using a Yam CP4 as Midi keyboard. Atmospheres are done through Halion.

Take care.
By the way, I would love to experiment if you can plug your guitar or bass as well as your voice in a track. Don’t know if you are open to it. If interested, simply DM me.

Lastly, it’s always an honor to me that your can think about Zawinul/WR when listening to my tracks.

Hi Stephco, thanks for the details of your studio. I got a gamer pc a year ago, and it has worked very well for the demands I put on it; I would recommend similar specs to all Cubase users.

Any time you’d like to experiment with external tracks, I would be honored. Guitar is my instrument. I am not willing to sing even for my own tracks. I can also produce a bass track, although I am currently without an electric bass. I loaned my own bass to the bassist in my band, and I’m trying to get him to buy himself a new bass so he can return mine.