[Music] A Man, a Woman and a Moon

Well, for months, my wife keeps asking me for a more dancing/shake your body track!
She won…

Listen to A Man, a Woman and a Moon here: Stream A Man, a Woman and a Moon by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I felt as if I was running through the woods being chased by dangerous carnivorous animals. And my body was shaking. So your track worked! Another great track.

I’m sure you were able to escape easily.
Cheers! and Thank you.

I liked it , some parts though are more attractive.

Around 3:12 and 4:22 there was a little too much going on for my ears, but that is also probably partially due to this not being played live (which I’m not criticizing bc that’s expensive and not the point of this forum - but that might be why it was overloading my ears a little bit in those parts). Overall, cool work and nice job doing something that your significant other wanted to hear!

Well, that’s ‘different’ in a good way, to my old rocker’s ears. Interesting sounds and arrangement, keeps me thinking “what’s coming next”, well done!


Thx for your time listening and your encouraging words.
Take care.