[music - All In - remixed]

Merry Christmas.
I posted this in the lounge but it seems that this may be the best place to get help and critique.
Since first posting I have remixed a couple of times trying to gets things right.

All In

All In
You stayed out late
Ev’ry night playin’ with the band
You played me for a fool I guess
You played the winning hand

You carried on
Got carried away and bet a hundred grand
I called your bluff not soon enough
You held the winning hand

In the game of love I doubled down
I played along like a first class clown
And you said with a grin
I’m all in

I checked the flop
Should’a folded the turn
I was thinking I’d make a stand
The river was cold the queen of old
It gave you the winning hand

In the game of love I doubled down
I played along like a first class clown
And you said with a grin
I’m all in

Hi Michael,

clever lyrics and quite infectious refrain.
This one is less verbed, which I think is a good thing.

I have three main suggestions about the mix.

First, that synth is very loud and kinda jumps out of the speakers.
Two, the bottom end is not coming through. It doesn’t need to be huge
on a track like this, but I’m straining to hear any kick drum or defined
bass notes at all.

Lastly, I think the ride cymbals sound rather Casio Beatbox, and perhaps you could
look for some nicer sounding ones.


Hi Jet

Merry Christmas to you…

Thanks for the listen and the comments.
You hit on my 3 nemeses: intensity and placement of lead riffs, the bottom end, and ride. My mix usually suffers
from being too crowded and subtleness gets buried. The ride is so important and any suggestions would be appreciated. I only have midi drums and Cubase Essential to shape the sound. Ride cymbals, hats, are a perplexing challenge.

and Cheers to you!

this is fun melodic and cool michael. really enjoyable toe tapper. I rarely make suggestions, I don’t think I’m qualified but one part jumped out at me. at 1:17, I thought it would be cool to hit that stab and then stop the music where you sing…“I’m all in” and then have it jump back in. it just seems it would have a real impact there. I hope it doesn’t sound out of place from me, just a thought. I really do think its a cool tune.
hope you’re having a great week

Hi Bob…merry christmas

I’m happy you liked the tune, and that’s a great idea. And a valid suggestion, not out of place. I have found that this forum is genuinely friendly with comments and help. Great bunch of guys. I have been following your posts and hope you will follow mine and feel free to tell me all your secrets.

This is a great week. Have a great holiday.