[music] ambient improv

happy holidays and thanks for stopping in. kind of an experiment here, I programmed a simple drum loop and then played a string pad to that. then the next 4 acoustic tracks I played live through while muting each one except the drum and pad. when I turned them all on this was the result. a bit of natural dissonance which I thought was cool but there was a definite fall feel happening. thanks for any listens


My friend, this is a beautiful piece and I’m actually quite jealous of it. I can hear early Pink Floyd, principally Richard Wright, on the keyboards, profound and musical in so many ways. My hats off to you sir.

The only criticque I have is that the acoustic guitar doesn’t seem to occupy quite the same space as the rest of the mix. Reading your description of the performance, you (as I do on all of my songs) performed this entirely by yourself. You seem to have placed a great deal of emphasis on creating a vibe that re-creates a group performance. And you succeeded.

You are talented and deserve to be applauded for your work. A successful experiment to be sure :smiley:

yeah that one acoustic track got a bit lost I agree, could’ve prolly did something there but it was fast.
thank you so much for your generous comments, nice from a fellow muzo. theres alot of really good people here, I’m down the list for sure but I’m glad you enjoyed it. early floyd was a big influence though, the relationship between acoustic and science still fascinates me.
thanks again and have a good one

Yeah … +1 to what Paul said. This is very beautiful.

There’s a staggered evolution as different instruments explore their environment, yet that environment unfied them. Paul was mentioning that you got a “vibe that re-creates a group performance,” and I’m resolute in my opinion that though you’d muted each previous instrumental strack, the echoes of their development has left their imprint in you as you applied yourself to the subsequent ones. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve witnessed … nah … Experienced a superbly connected performance.

Thanks and respect.
Glyn :slight_smile:

hey Glyn, really appreciate your thoughts, especially the imprint of the feel comment. exactly and it was kind of freeing to let it flow to that rather than the exactness of hearing it which might have made me lose something.
I’m a fan of your music and your photos, photo art is such a musical inspiration to me. I especiallty like the black and white photo of the old train tracks running by houses, it looks exactly like a place I lived for many years, I’d like to do something with that in mind. great photo!


Muting some of the other tracks before overdubbing is a neat idea that has worked really well. Sounds really good. :slight_smile:


thanks dave, thats a nice cup of dark ale you got there.
have a great holiday and thanks for stopping in

this is really nice, Bob. I echo what the others have said. I also like the idea of dropping out an instrument or 2 before you did your guitars.

It works as it is, but there’s something you might try to have some more fun with it and see what happens.
At a few points it seems a bit busy with all the layers. You might consider ducking some of the layers here and there, to create a bit of sparseness. Maybe have it drop down to just the string pad and one soft guitar, then introduce another layer after a few bars - and just experiment with adding then ducking layers.
I’ve tried some experimenting like this and stumbled across some bits of magic.

Nice piece! I hear the Floyd influence.

Have a nice holiday, Bob.


hey lenny thanks, you have me thinking about some post production now, especially like the idea of the one guitar track against the pad. I’m finding lately things are never really done, lol, I tried hard not to get that way to.
hope the week is going smooth man

Merry Christmas to you.

Very impressive work of art that seems to have come off the top of your head. Amazing sound. Everyone that has commented above are some of the best ears this forum has and I can feel the warmth for what you have presented here. Thanks for sharing your process. That makes it even more astounding.


The compositional approach has its merits and some cool stuff came out.
I was reminded (in parts) of Sylvian’s After The Bullfight—the Frippish
doodling on electric, the chorusy-sounding acoustic/s. Nice work.

I think where things didn’t work perfectly, to my ears, is that the opening
45 seconds or so seem rather jumbled and off-beat, and, as Lenny has suggested,
the layerings become quite thick.

It would, of course, go against the very grain of your approach here for me to
suggest you go back and do bits of it again?

It’s just me, too, in that I would like to hear some motifs. Call me old-school
or whatever, but I like to hang my hat on the hooks. Even one is enough.
Total free-form is fine, but my own brain yearns for a melodic ant trail here.

VERY pretty piece!
Yep definitely a touch of the floyds going on here which is no bad thing at all.
Agree with pretty much everything pearl divers said. I would also take just a touch out of the acoustic somewhere between 200-400Hz too… not on my main monitors at the moment so can’t be more specific.
I could quite happily kick back and chill to this one! Also kind of reminds me of the Durutti Column ever so slightly toward the end too :smiley:

thanks alot guys, michael, jet and mat.
I can appreciate your comments that things are a bit out of whack. theres things I would move a bit forward and some I’d move a bit back for points to line up better. and also how things got pilled on in places. I don’t really want to redo things unless I hear an arrangement that pops out, maybe even get jas to vocalize in places, I dunno. I will thin out the opening section when I get to it to make it less cluttered. really appreciate the honest thoughts here, I’m going to enjoy continuing to post music here for great ideas and suggestions.
great holidays to all…