Music and FX in same project

Hi All,
I was creating a FX and foley project for a video. All was well
Then I started adding incidental music. While doing this I started messing with the tempo track, and I believe this totally messed up the timing of the FX and Foley.
I haven’t done this before and hadn’t thought this out. I started with the time base in Bars&Beats.

Is it a mistake to try and do Music, FX, and Foley in the same project?

@lightsound Make sure the time base for all tracks (audio and midi) is set to linear and not musical like in the attached image. Now changing the tempo in the tempo track will not mess up the timing of your FX and Foley.

To make sure I have this…
I can set each track individually to time or musical.
Tempo track will only change tracks set to musical
The time-tempo display across the top of the tracks window can be changed back and forth at any time and doesn’t really change anything in the tracks themselves.

Sound about right?

and thanks again.

You got it.

To put it in other words:
Linear Time base locks the beginning of any event to its absolute time position.
Musical Time Base locks the beginning of any event to its musical position (ie. bars & beats).

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Yep that’s right

Very concise. Bravo.