(Music and video) 9/11 Dream (The yellow rose of texas)

Hi all. A song I produced and and a video I made for BRIODY, a new scottish artist. He did the paintings.
thanks. Ed

Excellent production and video :sunglasses:

thanks phil. will pass this onto the songwriter. ed

Yeah sounds good :slight_smile:

Wow, that was really good all around; music, video, production quality. Nice job.

Very Nice. Great job by you and the artist.

Really good work.

My only comment would be the fairly hard, grabby-sounding vocal compression
on the “b”, hard “c” and “k” sounds in particular. There is something papery or
not-quite-right about the overall tone and texture of the main chorus line,
which could be the processing chain, whatever that might be. Or the result of
a drop-in or re-take there?

Lovely harmonies.


thanks for all the comments. yes, the vocal is a bit attacky. believe it or not, that’s it tamed! the singer has a naturally percussive stlye on some of the songs on the album, which he wanted to retain. reminds me of a comment by hugh padgham about phil collins. he said that phil sounded like he had built-in compressor…