(Music and video) BRIODY: Hard Times

hi all. another song and video i produced for BRIODY. this one on theme of revolution…ed
all done in cubase 6. vsti including fxpansion dr008, korg wavestation, sampletank 2xl and kontakt 4. plugins from uad, waves, lexicon, wizoo.

Sounds pretty good to me, nice job. Sounds like Europop, as intended.

thanks for watching! yes, i’m a kraftwerk fan and it had to come out some time… :slight_smile:

Hello Eddie,

I didn’t watch it, just listened to the song so I am not distracted.
I find it a typical road song, driving in a car through the mountains. The tight groove and the excellent timing of the vocals makes it very soothing to listen to.

In the beginning there are some very sparkling piano lines, I would use more of that in the song, maybe some more breaks, like snares on the last eights/sixteenths to introduce the next bit. Or just one beat of rest before you start ‘these are hard times’

Kudo’s for the mix.

Greetz Dylan.

thanks. will keep this in mind if we do an edit for radio. ed :slight_smile:

Sounds fine Eddie :sunglasses:

thanks lads. the video stuff is just a hobby of mine, but it’s fun to put images to the hard work we did on the music…ed

Yeah, like the song - sounds well recorded, performed and produced. :slight_smile:
Well done!

The ‘pan & scan’ images in the video got a bit tiring for me though, maybe some of the movement was a little too fast and abrupt at times?


i think with the stills i was running out of material, and trying too hard to make it more interesting… client gave me very little time to work on it, but i’m of the reckless “get it done, face the firing squad” approach! learn on the job etc.
p.s. i use sony vegas pro 10 for the videos. excellent package and a lot like cubase blended with photoshop.

I use the prosumer version - Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD (ver 11). Same poroduct, just lackin a few of the features found in the pro version. I agree - great product! :sunglasses:

yes, i just bought the hd platinum version for a friend. she was amazed at what it can do.
ed :slight_smile:

Very nice. Well arranged - lots going on but things don’t get in the way of each other.
Vocals very clear and easy to understand.
I like it! :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing it.

man, this is just so darn good. great songs like this cut through everything and soar, in fact I felt flying over it all while listening and observing all the goings on.
love it!!

thanks again guys. i’ve passed all your comments onto my client who will now celebrate with me in the pub on friday! ed

looks and sounds pretty good man, I can’t give any detailed thoughts because I’m on a little netbook with a small screen and tiny speakers and they sometimes tend to make some vocals sound a little sibilant or over compressed.