[MUSIC] Annual Christmas Song (2017)

Merry Christmas everyone. This is our jazzier take on Mel Torme’s The Christmas Song.


The vocals are a bit rough in the beginning especially. But Lenny Lee convinced me to stop relying so much on Melodyne, and I was reminded of a statement by Glyn once that said if you have a choice between vocal performance and vocal accuracy always go for the performance. I was afraid that too much tweaking in Melodyne would detract from the performance that my 17-year old daughter gave.

Vocals: Neumann TLM103 > Mindprint Envoice MKII > Focusrite Scarlett 18i8
Keys: Alicia’s Keys and AAS Lounge Lizard
Guitar: Ibanez Arcore > Mindprint > Focusrite
Bass: Fender Jazz > Mindprint > Focusrite
Drums: Jamstix 3.5

Plugins are mostly from Fabfilter.

Well how great is it to be able to record with your daughter! I’m not hearing pitch problems, especially on a jazzy song like that.

Recording with family…nice!

All the best to you Larry for 2018. :wink:

Thanks @Early21 and Jet!