[Music] Arrival

I’m along-time admirer of Brian Eno. I first listened to his first 4 “rock” albums back in college, and then somewhat later discovered the wonderment of “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts”, his collaboration with David Byrne that changed everything I knew about music up to that point in my life.

This song doesn’t really attempt to recreate Eno, but represents the last of long series of experiments in sound that he inspired.


It was a bit tricky to mix, so any input would be appreciated :slight_smile:

This is the .wav file of the same song:


This vibrates my headphones. Nice overall sound.

Very nice, Paul. An interesting composition that keeps evolving, and it’s well mixed.
Good choice of sounds, as well.

I, too, did some Eno influenced instrumental pieces just for fun - but that was in the 80’s and I’d just keep layering
and bouncing on my Fostex 250. He’s certainly inspirational and while I can’t listen to his work all the time, I
most definitely respect his contribution to the music scene.

Thanks for sharing this.