[Music] At last I have released…

Hello all,

It has been a very long time since I last put up some music for your perusal. Thanks to Bandcamp I have recently uploaded 6 albums of work covering a lot of what I have written over the years and actually recorded totally using Cubase. 4 of the albums are free of charge as they were early recordings or experimental in nature. The 2 recent ones, though, I have put a price on as I am very pleased with the quality of the material.

Please take your time but I would appreciate any comments as I have been in isolation for too long.

The link is in my signature below.

Thanks in advance.


Hey Jonathan! Good to ‘see’ you, and to also note you’ve been quite productive. I’ll make a point of listening through some of your work. :sunglasses:

Hi Jonathan!

Congrats on releasing your albums.
It must feel good to see these birds out of the cage
and flying in the air.

I just listened to “Philosophy”
Good track, fat bottom end there!

Will listen through more tunes.

Well done good sir!


Thanks Ian and Jet, you are both very kind. And yes, I love my bottom end.


Just been playing through some tracks while browsing today :sunglasses:

A big thank you to those who have listened to any of the tracks. There are a lot there and, I guess, there could be a confusion of styles and substance. I will take the relative silence as a gesture of kindness. I’m not looking for glory - way past that! Friendly advice, though, is always appreciated.

All the best


There’s a lot to listen to. I just listened to a couple of them, but there is a lot more to go through. Thanks for letting us in on it!