[Music] Awkward Cities

Awkward Cities is now online.

On that one, i tried to improve my mixing skills, to deliver more energy.

You can listen to the result here : SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

i wondered what was happening at first then i took another look at the title of the track and it all made sense. very good

Thanks Polgara. Happy you find it good and making sense. I learned a lot on the way we should treat the instruments from a pure mix point of view.

Hi Stephco, I love your stuff. This one no exception. To comment on the mix, I truly love this exciting stereo field, so I don’t feel I can make recommendations to improve. I just hope you keep sharing with us.

Hey Early21! Thx again for your comment. You are right, probably the work on panning slightly the instruments and better EQ is paying off. More clarity and more depth in my view.
And… off course, I will share! Sharing is Caring as they say in Beirut!