[music] Birthday- desert

Tune for experimenting the Superior drummer Roots brushes set.
Got it for my birthday …thats why.


Love this. The sound is “classic Peter” and reminds me of “Lights” though it’s probably the relaxed but “keep the movement going” drums you have here. Really well done.

Great keyboard playing! The drum sound is good but not as crazy about the parts, I would a expect drummer to be a bit simpler. My personal favorite part was near end where it was mostly keys and hat. But besides all that your playing is killer!!!

Yeah it sounds like a kid let loose in a drum candy shop.
Lots of licking and enjoying. :wink:

Did I detect a ride cymbal in there?
If so, that would be the first cymbal I’ve heard
in one of your recordings for ten years! :smiley:

Keep drumming! :wink:

Belated Happy birthday

As always , very nice recording.


Great stuff, as usual – loved it when the organ was peekin’ in near the beginning. :sunglasses:

Just catching up on what I’ve missed after several months absence.
Love this one. Very cool track. I’ll listen to this again

Nice track, love that wurly organ - what VST is it, or is it a real B3 + leslie? The brass has a lovely edge to it too.

Not sure how I missed this one, Peter. Really like the mood! I like the drum sound, in particular the way the kick is so open sounding.

Great stuff Peter!

I can hear some groovy key changing sax/guitar solos over this…