[Music] BlackListed

Hi all!
You… what will you do for being blacklisted ?

Well, … Still exploring diversity… If you think some parts begin shortened or developed… just tell me.


hah…this thing has sections? great sound…btw are you located in Germany?

Hey Mancalledclay,
For the sections, well, I think so… (at least I thought about)
Happy you enjoyed the sound. It’s done with only with Cubase stock plugs + a couple of free ones. It took me quite long time to find few tricks to get to this level of mix for sound clarity and spatialization.
I’m not located in Germany, As a French resident in Morocco, I spend my time between Casablanca and South of France (Toulouse). I’m actually in Casablanca. But today, with the internet who really cares ?
You, where are you ?

your music reminded me of a quite-brilliant German guy who mashed heavy funk and polyrhythms with an abundance of live-sax…would vacillate from heavy formal structure to beautiful meltdowns. and his mixes were super-full and clean. so there’s a likeness to your work…your being where you are geographically would contribute to that i’m sure. keep it up!
btw i’m in San Diego…an ocean and continent away…and yet!

I went once in San Diego, I had to say that for the first time in my life, 'cause I didn’t get my ID with me, I wasn’t able to enter a club - even if obviously, I’m not a young boy :slight_smile:. True that the bay is beautiful!
By the way who is the guy you are talking about, can we listen to some of his tracks ?