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Hiya folks,

Curious to what music bloggers you follow if any. I have a couple of releases I want to send out for review. It’s a new thing for me and I haven’t had much experience with it.

An thoughts?


I’d be curious as to the ones you follow. This would be and entirely new area for me I’m sure I’d need to find someone blogging in the urban vein .can you let us know who you follow?

I don’t follow any particular blogger but I do use the iPad app called It surveys thousands of music blogs and presents them as genres to me. I select say, Indie, and it starts playing from numerous blogs as it presents the page and the writeup. I never read the verbiage but I listen to a lot of new music this way. It’s all free. This is a great age for music lovers.

My mistake. I had the wrong app on the first edit.

Also clueless about this literary underworld. Thanks for the heads up. I will investigate. :slight_smile:

WOW! Excellent recommendation! Just took me less than 15 seconds to identify 2 trends I was unaware of.

For peasants like me who are on Android, I think the equivalent is called “Tap Talk”. :smiley:

Resist the iCult :laughing:

Now, not having either “pad”, anyone know of a PC equivalent? Not that I have much time for reading… forums consume much of that time already… :smiling_imp: :unamused: :confused: :ugeek: - for the old school net users

There is also a android app

Thanks for the heads up, Ted. Just got the app for my iphone.

I, too, am always on the lookout for inspiring new talent. :sunglasses:

Can’t find the Android version. :frowning: :cry:

I agree on the cult thing. I really don’t like Apple but I got the Ipad 2 from a friend at a price I couldn’t pass up. It does some thing really well, but it always feels like a device thats controlled by someone else (Apple) and I’m just using it. I want to see more things developed for Android as I will definitely go that direction one day. A tablet with no usb and a proprietary method for moving any data in and out is just a over priced mistake for me.


My mistake. The Android version is listed as coming soon

But the web version interface is easier to use than the app.

Thanks for all the responses. I will check out the links in a day or 2 after some R&R. I have done a lot of searching on Google, but it is so hit or miss with the blogs. I found it tough to find what I was looking for. I guess I have to optimize the query.

I had a few links, but I am sitting here looking at my bookmarks bar and the ones I thought I saved are not there… Bummer.

I think another step would be a publicist. I was in a band a 2 years back and we had one. She got the music to the right people for review. I have to look back and see if I can see if I can find her info and where she sent the music for review. I didn’t pay attention at the time since I wasn’t a big part of the band and I was detached because most of the members acted like they were rock stars when we were on tour, talking a lot of smack and drinking their faces off. Needless to say, after the tour I slowly backed away and dropped out because they didn’t have what it takes to stick in the industry, not with the way they handled themselves personally and professionally and I couldn’t deal with the amateur behavior with the acted but unearned statuses. I have to have that info though in an email someplace…

Good On Ya Tom :exclamation: :slight_smile:

Sadly that has often proved to be exactly what it takes to make it. I have so many of the same stories(though I darn’t name them as a few did achieve some kind of fame)ranging from hilarious to surreal. Ironically record companies often look for that type because their idiocy can attract free publicity…Britney shaves her head one week and is No.1 in the charts three weeks later. :unamused:

Be careful with publicists. Guy I know spent £1500 on one and they did NOTHING.
Good luck all the same.


Were they good musicians?

Found them in the doc I made when I was researching:

This is GREAT!!! :sunglasses: