[Music] Bright Territories

For those who are driving toward these lands, just listen to Bright Territories here:

I can say I’m little bit more familiar with Halion 6. But… still a beast and lot to learn ahead.


Very nice work. I really liked the bass sound you’ve gotten. It sounds very “real”. Not sure if you remember one of my tunes called To the Field of Reeds, but this struck me as a “distant relative” of that. As always, I’m a fan of your work.


Thx you swetch.

I’ve listened again to your song and it’s felt true that I felt the same inspiration. fully in line with your bandcamp comment btw.

For the bass, from an instrument point of view, it’s the Acoustic Bass VX (Halion) but I’m now using quite often pitch bend or other modulation (cutoff, Resonance, etc)to make it more “real”. From an inserts point of view, it’s mainly frequency and tube compressor (Cubase Pro Stock). I also have another Halion tiny bass preset as kind of “ghost”.

I liked the bass guitars. They are great.

The music is so surreal.

Kudos to you.