[Music] Cafe Dulce

This one is a four track piece. Piano (The Grand), Drums (Groove Agent SE 2), 2 Guitars (Line 6 Pod )

Hope this one sound less shambolic . :laughing:

First song on top of list



Are you quantizing the drums Felix?
At times they seem off the beat, a
tad jumbled. You might need to go
through your sequence and see what is
going astray there.

They are a bit loud too, I think.

Less shambolic. :wink:

Hi Jet

I will use this piece to learn how to quantize. The thing in this one is that I will have to quantize all tracks since for some reason I have a hard time following the click ( one of many pervasive flaws I have ). Will lower the drums a few dibs.

Thanks for listening


Yeah, get your grid sorted first.

It’s a bummer to re-track guitars but
it will be worth it.


I did the work.

  1. Quantize midi tracks: a. Piano, b. Drums;

  2. Same with analog tacks (Audiowarp guitar tracks)

  3. Lower volume drums a bit.

It would be the first time (but will not be the last) that I use Quantize and Audiowrap from start to beginning on all tracks. I haven’t figure out completely Audiowrap for the analog part but it’s a start.

Let me know if this is better.


This is a good composition, I wonder if a drummer would approach song in this manner. The snare doing the dat dada dat puts to much emphasis on accents which should be smoother. Real drummer would kill this track. Cool piece though.

Thanks Kenny for the kind words

Encourages me to keep at it.

Now I got to go back to my day job work :wink:


Much better Felix, although it’s now a bit
stiff in places where the shuffle has been lost.

But what you’ve done allows the composition to come out
more now.

So…back to that DAW! :wink:

Scads better than the other song I reviewed this morning. I would consider converting the ride to straight 8ths, instead of copying the piano’s rhythm; if you do this, make sure you vary the velocity so it doesn’t sound robotic. I can’t hear the guitar that’s panned middle – comes of as a little bee buzzing around in there. Nice piano chords. Balances seem fine to me (except for that guitar)

Hi Doug

How are you doing?

You really don’t want to hear the "bee buzzing around " any louder. I think from laziness I didn’t delete it because at the time I didn’t feel like re recording something on top of it. This coming weekend I might have some time to work on it some more.

Thanks for listening