Music characters in System text?

Hi I can’t figure out how to get music characters in system text.

I need to create create some system text that has a title (in a specific font) and also a tempo (quarter = 66), and I can’t figure out how to get the quarter note symbol, as if I were inputting a tempo !

Many thanks !!


Any reason you’re not using an actual tempo mark? You can do “Text words q=100” in the popover.

Alternatively, you’ll need to use the SMuFL glyph for the note symbol you want to use. The easiest way is to go to the SmuFL website, browse the symbols, and copy the actual glyph. Then paste it into your text using the Music Text character style.

Or if you have another way of inputting Unicode glyph U+E1D5 into text, use that!

Ben, I think the OP was quite specific as to why they’re not using an actual tempo…

It needs to be a different font from Tempo Marks? Well, just do the text as text, and the metronome marking as tempo. Or do the alternative.

A list of unicode numbers for Bravura simbols would be nice!

Bravura has 3,481 characters. The SmuFL website lists them all.

Thanks @benwiggy,
Going to that website, I can copy a quater-note and paste that into the pop-over. Unfortunately the quarter-note has much too long of stem, unlike the notes that automatically appear in the tempo text !. I’d need to access that short stem version of the quarter-note. Any idea how?

There’s a range specifically for the glyphs used in Metronome marks.

Great, I hadn’t seen that !