[Music] Chromosomes

For those who don’t know where they came from or even made with, listen to Chromosomes:



Another wonderful Stephco recording. I listened twice, and loved it. Keep pushing yourself into new directions.

Nice work! Very much liked the twists and turns this went through. My one suggestion might be to take the drums and percussion down a little in the mix. That’s just a matter of taste on my part, so if this is where you want them, go with this mix. I just felt that some of the melodic and harmonic elements would be little more prominent with the rhythm not being quite so central. Nice to hear that you’re coming up with so much interesting material.

Thx friends.

For me, this music seems very complex, but I like this complexity, the rhythm is very dominant and inherent to the proposed musical intentions. There are really surprising, unexpected and interesting musical moments. I like this.