[music] Compassion V2 remix-Desert

used the new geosounds library from sonic couture.


version 2 remixed shortened


Very satisfying. Lots of subtle layers. I enjoyed it a lot. What sort of collaboration are you looking for?

Guitar or vocal line that adds to the piece, would be a challenge to mix new input :smiley:
Thank you for listening.

Beautiful, ‘spacey’ and calm. You could maybe make a little more room in the mix for the last vocal part?

I like it a lot,


A beautiful serene floating in the clouds piece of music…just thought it a minute too long and would have prefered the voice to be further back in the mix when it first appears and even better would be a female voice with a French accent…, did I say that out loud :blush: …nevertheless just a beautiful tone poem…Kevin

A nice bed of morphable mood. :slight_smile: Could be on a desolate beach at sunbreak. Could be a journey through space heading for the next universe. Maybe just that moment before sleep after a hard day.
Agree with Kevin for a French female vocalist filling that roll. :slight_smile:

thanx for listening ,
actually I did search for a female french english speaking voice :unamused:

remixed it to a shorter version and remastered it.

cheers Desert.

definately better …Kevin

Nice combination of sounds, hang drums at 2:00 approx? I found some of the accents around the 2:40 mark to be a bit too hard for the relaxing style of the piece. Although I always dislike hearing spoken voices over this kind of stuff. Maybe if it were like Liv Tyler doing a very soft Arwen elven voice I could handle it. :stuck_out_tongue: Excluding the guitar it reminded me of the style of some Super Nintendo titles such Donkey. Really cool piece because of the atmosphere created. Well done. (Really stretched for time so I only checked the shortened version out.)

Now that is chilled!

Very enjoyable ambient feel and lovely selection of sounds.


Suitably chillaxed here :wink: Some impressive bottom end on this one. A very nice palette of sounds.

One thing I too find a little off-putting and in fact to be honest quite annoying was the voice-over. Felt really abrupt and jarring against such a mellow atmospheric backdrop. I’d be tempted to push it back, soften it up and soak it thoroughly in some suitable FX and maybe even break up the phrases… spread them out more. Ideally though, if they were spoken more softly and sedately to begin with would be better I think.

otherwise, classy production :slight_smile:

Really great piece so ambient great sounds…I wonder if M/S compression on the low end my be in order just tighten those frequency. If you did nothing at all it would be wonderful still :slight_smile:

Both tracks are removed! May we have the new links?