[music]: Control by Lights Fade Low

New piece built entirely in Cubase 6…

I’d say it falls somewhere in the realm of electronic/triphop but who knows these days.

Feedback welcome.

I don’t really like it as much as your other tracks, but I can’t really put my finger on it. It’s certainly not bad though, maybe you just put the standard too high for me :wink:

Sounds good Darren. Nice work :sunglasses:

The sounds and mixing are excellent to my ears. I really like the bass line.
I like the song overall as well.

Sounds great to me. Very nice job.

I like it, excellent production!


Thanks guys!

Update: Tightened up the mix quite a bit I think… have a listen and LMK what you think. (Note: all those that bought the original track got the update in email at no additional charge :wink:)

good stuff!

I really REALLY like this!

This is brilliant. I love it when someone produces electronic music with a decent songwriter background.
Well I assume you have that background, otherwise this is one lucky streak!
The anticipations, flows to chorus, build ups to other levels, it all goes real naturally. It sounds original still everything I want to hear comes at exactly the right time. Brilliant composition.

Thanks for sharing this.


Wow… I’m totally overwhelmed by that response. Thanks, Dylan, for the kind words.