[Music] Conundrum

Some have heard this before, some not. Rough mix, waiting to finish a few more tunes before final mix.



Now THAT was a fine ride!

MUCH bang for the buck and not one ‘snore’ moment of ‘oh there’s that section coming round for the fouth time but with a cherry on it’.

Set me thinking about ‘rough and smooth’. There’s prog where notes are played perfectly well, and the melodies are well thought out and well ‘felt’, but in this peice, Every note is ‘counting’ … impacting, so in addition to my travelling the miles of the journey and sensing the landscapes and forests, every tree was visible, and every leaf on that tree.

I let my mind drift through VSTs I have known, and kept coming back to the same conclusion: What I was hearing was the result of authority in the plectrum and a drum part which hammered the ‘nails’ of the melody whilst retaining the pulse.

Here’s to the final mix when it arrives :slight_smile:

this is pretty cool! :slight_smile:

As I listen to this I turn and look at my guitar and say, “Damn it, why can’t YOU play something like this”? :frowning:

All the best

Thanks Glyn! :sunglasses:

You can. Don’t force it, let it flow. Get a basic drum beat going and improvise a rhythm track and go from there. It’s in you, dying to get out. Just let it out. :ugeek:

Good Gawd…must I say that is nice guitar. You can whack that sucker. Pretty heavy stuff. I don’t har this anymore and I used to. Great assembly of sounds here, and the ending is perfect. I hope I don’t sound too complimentary here, but really, this is gold for taste.

Thanks, Michael. :sunglasses:


sweet stuff… :sunglasses:

Sat. night beer bump. :mrgreen:

This guy can play! :mrgreen:

But you made that post and you bump them with guest passes, so shouldn’t you be saying “I can play” ? :slight_smile:

Welcome back, guitar slinger!

welcome back as well…great job on this song…shades of Al Dimeola!


One word after I write this to explain I’m telling you one word that is


Merry X-mas!