Music Copying from Title Page to Second

I am extremely confused why is the music copying itself to the next page? (Piano-Voice Score)
The Last Goodbye Copy Issue.pdf (481.4 KB)
The Last Goodbye.dorico (2.4 MB)

Yikes, the score is a bit of a mess. You have page overrides on every page. I think it’s due to not understanding master pages. Don’t edit the layout of the score itself… edit the master page that it’s using as the design template.

Remove all page overrides. Then edit your master page designs to produce the look you want. Add a new master page design called “Title page” if you want one.

Then insert a Master Page change on page 1 to make it the title page. That page only.

To input the score info, use Cmd-I to open the project info panel and enter it there. It’ll automatically display on the score.

I recommend reading/watching some tutorials on master pages. Confusing at first, but powerful once you get them!

Thanks so much, just copied the measurements over to a Master Page and it looks A LOT nicer and fixed the problem!

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