Music created in instrumental part not showing in full score

I’ve probably done something stupid here. But I entered a few bars of music at the end of a flow with the instrumental part layout selected in Write mode. However, the new bars aren’t showing when I select Full score. I tried the same in a new project and it worked fine. Any ideas about what the problem could be?

You could try this:

  • go to Setup-Mode
  • select the flow (at the bottom) you want to see in fullscore
  • look at Layouts-column at the right and see if fullscore ist checked.

Thanks Bob,

Yes, I checked this and the flow is included. The puzzling thing is that the existing music does show up in full score. It’s just the added bars that only show up in the violin part. I’ll try adding a new layout and see what happens.

Could you post the project here?

Thanks, project is attached. I was trying a few things out to create a worksheet following John’s Discovering Dorico session. I tried exporting an XML file and importing to Sibelius and all the music is Ex. 7 is there.
Musical Composition (Brindle) (599 KB)

The frame at the top of page 2 in which Ex. 7 is shown is simply not large enough: in Engrave mode, switch on frame editing, and make the frame at the top of the second page a bit taller, and the music will appear.

We do plan to add some kind of indicator to music frames to show you that there is more music that isn’t shown in the frame because the frame is too small or there is not another frame available for the music to flow into, similar to what you would see in a page layout program when there is more text than fits into the current text frame.

Thanks Daniel. I hadn’t realised that the frame size would affect what was shown in Write mode. An indicator would be handy, but at least I now know just to enlarge the frame.