[Music] Dead In The Middle

New one for you to listen too. Constructive criticism appreciated.


I indulged myself and had the song mastered at Abbey Road Studios using their online service.


wow!! luv the sound your getting and it’s a bloody good song…how the hell do you get such a clean sound!
(yeah, I know…it’s talent) :mrgreen:

well done with this track…Kevin

great production ,how do you get the acoustic sounding like that, 1 mic ? two mics ? 3 potato 4 direct? combination.

Thanks! one Audix ADX-51 mic in a vocal booth through an FMR RNP. Some Steinberg compression and a little EQ.

ta , ok that , where do you position the mic roughly .

Pointed about 5-6 inches from the 12th fret

Thanks Kevin. I Take care with Tracking, gain stages, get a good clean signal in rooms with acoustical treatment. I record dry maybe that’s what you’re hearing. When mixing I am also apply eq so that frequencies are conflicting
My formula isn’t one size fits all but that’s how I do it.

ta for that.

ta muchness :slight_smile:

what do you mean by gain stages ,do you mean that if you are for example -on the all ready recorded guitar track- going through an fx or chain of fx as an insert or send, you make sure that there is not too much volume and avoid it going into the red or clipping .

Yes including that

Great mix! Got a Beck vibe going on to my ears. Are the electrics recorded with amps mic’ed up or itb emulation?

Post more!

Thanks! Everything is 100% organic. No emulation whatsoever. What came out of the cabs is what was recorded.
Acoustic drums mic’d with 9 Mics
Bass cabinet with 2 Mics
Guitar cabs with 2 Mics
Acoustic guitar 1 mic
Tambourine 1 mic
Cowbell 1 mic
Claps 1 mic
Vocals of course mic’d

Good sounding track… at times I was reminded of Diamond Dogs (Bowie). I would have preferred a fatter snare… more of a ‘dooof!’ sound to it… but that’s just personal taste and preference I guess.


i can kinda hear Queen B itch. but still a great track.

Please indulge me in a brief off-topic diversion: I may never think of Bowie again without thinking about this Flight Of The Conchords bit :laughing:


Excellent recording and mix! All has been said already in other comments, I had been looking at the FMR RNP and wondering how effective it was. Price is really great and it sounds very uncolored and clean. Do you use on Vocals also?

Thanks for the listen Kenny! Actually on this recording everything is going through the FMR except for the drums which are going through my Dm3200 console.

See my update in first post

Love all your stuff, including this! Hard to come up with any suggestions. Could you let us know how satisfied you were with the Abbey Road mastering? Anything you couldn’t have done yourself (you certainly know what you’re doing)? What did they do that you didn’t expect, or surprised you?