[music] Desert- Pull here


most recent song made after a long period of absence…could use some input or extra tracks… :smiley:

Nice song, I like it.
Seems a bit overcompressed to me, wouldn’t mind hearing some more dynamics. At times it even seems to clip, mainly on the bass.
Needs a vocal of course!

Sounds like a good basis for a song. It is distorted on my headphones, but assume you’ll work on that later… Will be a good one.

Hi Peter,

Good to hear some new stuff, even though it isn’t finished yet.
I like what I hear, especially the sparse bass line. :sunglasses:
What did you use for the drums, EZDrummer?

Good start. Deserves a good vocal (Hack?.. :slight_smile: ).


yeah I am a bit stuck with this one :confused:

did tweak the mix a little…took out the synth bass…
so open for suggestions …

thanx for listening

I think this is lovely Peter - made me think of Bert Ruiter and Focus. Have you got a killer melody line in mind?


I like it. There are some change-ups in there but perhaps a little too much of the same basic theme?

There are some compositional elements that could be improved. Main thing to work on in my opinion is getting a much stronger relation between the melody and the chords as well as a much more defined, concise and catchy melody.

I’m visiting a friend so I have no instruments with me, but the chord at 1:35-137 should be a sus4 chord to resolve to the home chord usually. My ears seriously want to hear the 4th note dropping to the 3rd of the chord at that point :stuck_out_tongue: there are a lot of harmony points that could be improved. The key change right after that sounded great and breathed some freshness into the song at that point, but it just changed between 2 chords only where I can hear a longer progression in my head sounding better.

At 1:22, the small section starting there should end on chord 5 of the key before repeating, again as a sus4 resolving back to the repetition.

I really enjoyed the rhythm of the electronic sounds and it added an island resort kinda feel which I enjoyed a lot and it kept me listening ;D

Please take out the organ sounds for some other more pleasant electronic sound though :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall I was impressed by the feel of the piece of music, which was great. I was a little bored by the lack of meIody in parts but I did enjoy listening to this a lot, so well done for writing it and keep working on it. I’d love to hear this piece with the improvements to the chords and melody because you really do create a great vibe here.

Gotta ask, what is up with the poor coding on this website where it doesn’t create a new window for the links you click? -.- Who do I report this poor coding to? :-/

There’s a ‘forum issues’ forum, and I agree :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening in detail so much , it helps to improve this tune.
@Steve …join in?
Will work on it and update later…
Thanks for helping me out…
Peter :smiley:


Sounds nice to me. Could do with a melody of some sort to give it a theme but all the parts are nicely done. I cold use a louder bass, but then again I’ve just been recording some guitar so my ears might be a bit off. :confused:


I no longer audition or critique the music of people who have never bothered to return the favor

Hi Doug,

there’s a whole lot of worms in that can!

  1. There’s no obligation to do anything here - it’s a company-provided forum and we can participate as we see fit.

  2. Is it better to say “This is not the kind of music that interests me” or is it better simply to not add a response of any sort?

  3. This is probably not your intention, but you post suggests that there’s an unwritten agreement - “you review mine and I’ll review yours”. That’s not necessarily helpful unless you want only positive comments and strokes, human nature being what it is.

  4. Should we ask for the kind of response we want - mix comments, composition comments, playing comments? I have posted stuff here just for the thrill of hoping other people will like what I’ve done - and frankly their comments about balance or parallel compression or whatever don’t really interest me. At other times. comments about the mix have been very illuminating and helpful and have been what I’ve appreciated most.

  5. It’s always been clear to me in the time that I’ve signed up to this forum that only a very small percentage of forumites ever add any comments. And that’s fine.

  6. I dip in and out of this place - depending on what’s going on for me elsewhere - and my non-response to any number of topics that interest me does not indicate anything other than I’m busy with other stuff, much as I might like to be more consistent.