Music disappears from piano staves

I have been revising my piano concerto recently and all of a sudden all piano music, except for the little portion I was working on disappeared from staves. I’ve tried the trick with “start voice” “end voice” in the editor, but it’s not that. No music, no rests…nothing. I’ve noticed when highlighting some of the notes in the score that “force duration” is suddenly on, but I don’t understand a connection between the two. I simply selected everything in the score and disabled it, but still no music and no playback.

Can you attach the project here? If you’re uneasy sharing it, you can attach it to a private message sent directly to me (click on my screen name, then click the blue Message button).


Hi, are there any news on the problem I forwarded to you? I could of course go ahead and paste back from XML, but that’s not the point. I’d like to know what caused the problem in the first place.


Sorry, Jakub, this fell between the cracks. I have been looking at your project but need to pass it on to a colleague to see if they have any ideas about what might be going on. I’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

My colleague James was kind enough to look at the project, and it turns out that there are some spurious Ends voice properties set in the piano part that are responsible for later bars appearing empty. We think this is probably indicative of a bug that we will look further into, but for the time being, if you deactivate the Ends voice property on the final notes of bars 82, 138, 144 and 314, that should bring things back to life. There really doesn’t appear to be any actual music missing, however, at least from the version of the project you shared with me.


I did check all these bars specified in your reply and nothing has changed. It still looks like a bunch of gibberish dynamics

scattered around the piano part. Is there anything else I should try? I am using dorico 3.5 btw.

There aren’t any further notes in the original voices, so far as we can tell. Do you have any other backup versions of the project in the Backup Projects folder inside the Dorico Projects folder where we might be able to see the project in an earlier state when the following music was still there?