Music disappears in most parts!

In most of my parts, there is no music! Take a look at the screenshot: You can see that Dorico considers there are no pages in most of the parts! Therefore it is also impossible for me to print them.

What have I done wrong?!

Have a look at setup mode: is every instrument properly assigned to the part layout?

Rune, You need to select the part you want to see in the left [Layouts panel] (currently the Full Score is selected). Ignore the Tenorhorn you see at the top of the window. This selection dropdown is not available or used while in Setup or Print Mode. It is only used in Write, Engrave, or Play Modes. (Having it visible is a little confusing aspect of the current user interface in my humble opinion).

Thanks for trying. I am afraid everything is properly set.

Compare the two attached screenshots of the Flute part. In galley view, the music is there. In page view, it is gone. The same is true to all the other parts, except for the alto saxophone part, which works perfectly. I cannot find anything different in the settings for the different parts. (Though I do realise that there must be something, still to be found!)

Is it possible to attach the dorico file, too? (I get an error message saying «Invalid file extention»).

You have to zip the Doricofile then you can attach it here.

Go into Engrave mode and check what frames are on your master pages. My suspicion is that you’ve somehow set a filter on your music frames.

Yes, music present in Galley view but not on the page suggests something amiss with the music frames – the music is there, but doesn’t know where to display itself on the page.

actually you don’t need to zip the file; it is sufficient to just change the extension from .dorico to .zip

Rune, did you play around with custom Master Pages? I guess this can happen if you somehow got the Music Frame sequence wrong, or otherwise accidentally erased music frames…

Found it! I don’t know why, but somehow, there were no pages in the concerned parts. I sumply had to add a page in the Engrave mode and furnish it with a music frame (in which the part’s music appeared, as if it had been waiting for me all the time).

Fixed – thank you, everyone!