[Music] Downtown Jam

Finally, back to Downtown after a long while. Seems everything still in place. Hope for good times again!!



Feedbacks much appreciated, as usual.

I could really feel the city traffics and busyness and hookers on the corner :wink: … very nice composition overall… I suggest listening to Hotline Miami (1st game) OST or playing the game if you’re into it, your work reminded me of that soundtrack which is electronic as opposed to your modern piece but the general feel is the same… the feeling of being lost in “the city”… there’s a certain madness that I felt in the soundtrack between missions…

Hi Masoomi,
Thanks for your time & comments. You know what… you are 100% right. I’m happy you could feel these things. Spot on!
That’s exactly how i thought about it…

Another great story-telling collage.

A nice avant garde piece of music. It def has an electronic feel but also takes me into a soundtrack of a mystery secret agent film score. I liked it.

Thanks Early21 & Suprawill1

Wow, that’s cool. I can tell that a lot of work went into that. It really does sound like a bustling city.

I like this. Once again, I can hear something of Joe Zawinul in this, so I’ll push it more in that direction than into the soundtrack world. I particularly liked the “acoustic” bass sound. I know it wasn’t the real thing, but it was a nice sound and texture. Really nice work on the drum track too. Finally, nice use of dynamics and leaving space to catch our breath while we navigated the cityscape.

Thank for your time & comments. Zawinul is a top name for me: very true!

As you know i don’t do soundtracks, but i do envision the song to get to a coherent story.
It’s vital to me to have some clarity at the very beginning and then it helps me staying in line while composing & mixing.
Anyway… the most important thing is that you enjoyed it.