[Music] Dwarf Planets Blackout First! Period.

Hello all,
Before light goes off, listen to the third track of Spicy Spaces from here:


Hi Stephco, this is another elaborate work that I really like. Great sounds, great rhythmic feel. Really well done.

Thanks man, for your time listening & your answers.

Great sounds, it seems suitable for a film.

Funny what you say about music for film, one of my friend keeps telling me the same about many of my tracks.
anyway, thanks for your time listening & comment.

I also liked it. For me, shorten the first section, then
add some extra drive to the last one. Personal opinion only.

I liked the vocal edits and delays too. Not easy to do. :wink:

You are right, Pearldivers. Thank you!
Following your advice, I’ve replaced the track with a shortest introduction.
Will explore about adding more drive, cause I realized that the track is almost 6min+.


Sounded good to me. Nice work, again. I can hear the Zawinul side of this one too.

Thanks Swetch!