[Music] - Easy listening pop song with great female vocalist


I recorded, mixed and mastered this nice pop song for a band called Krik!! (it means scream in english). :slight_smile:


You probably won’t understand anything, but the lyrics are about love. :slight_smile:


Sounds really good to me :sunglasses:

Sounds great, this band is really good.

I think the male is also great by the way.

Really like the song,
I really don’t know why but somehow it reminds me sometimes of the boy and girl song from Steve Vai, it doesn’t resemble it in any way but it has that same light summer feel to it.

Is this song part of an album or one demo?

And is it entirly rcorded in Cubae using Cubase plugins ordid you use outboard gear? Also curious about the instruments that are used.

Greetz Dylan.

Thank you guys for all the positive feedback. :slight_smile:

This song is part of an album, which is still in a process of making. We are doing it by parts. We still have to record and mix 8 songs.

It is entirely recorded in Cubase 6.04. I used some outboard gear, mainly compressors. I used api 527 on vocals and few other 500 series comps on groups (elysia xpressor and stereo toolbox). I rarely use cubase plugins. Sometimes I use transient designer on a kick or snare and multiband compressor on master buss.

Instruments were nothing special. 400€ acoustic guitar, cheap drums, di bass with amplitube ampeg on it and nord synth piano sound. Organs are from halion sonic se.

You can check out other songs from this band on my soundcloud page.
The band is called Krik.


Good vocalists! :slight_smile: Good job on the mix too. Sounds good here. :sunglasses:

I like the song and the vocalists, really nice.

I think the drums sound a bit squashed, missing some definition.
The x-stick sounds… :confused: …too dry and up front? I’m not sure.
It really pokes through in my room here.

Best of luck for the album.