[Music] Endless Quest

This is my first ever attempt at recording. This is a collab with my good friend Jeff. For those that don’t know, my moniker mashedmitten is due to the fact I crushed my fret hand in the tailgate of a dumptruck in 2001.

I play all rhythms, the intro solo and a solo after the second chorus.

Endless Quest

I like the overall sound of this, only the tonality of the snare sounds out of place. I think it should be thicker, padded, not as sharp. How did you record the drums.

Sorry to hear about your hand. I guess it healed properly. Your guitar playing is exceptional.


Great guitar work! :sunglasses:
Sonds good, I enjoyed this.


Another very cool track from you. A bit more kick drum, please. The snare sound isn’t terrible, but might use a bit more bottom. Excellent playing and songwriting

Thanks for the listens, guys. Yeah, MP3 doesn’t really do these justice mixwise.

Re: hand, forefinger’s about a 1/4 inch shorter but it healed. :wink: