[Music] Espana

This evolved over a few months. Started as an underscore idea for an Apple style commercial then morphed into salsa influences. I’m playing the intruments ,guitar and midi guitar. Congas and perc tapped out on Mashine. No loops apart from the tamborine.
Let me know what you think


Excellent. Really enjoyable piece :sunglasses:

I really liked it too. I guess my only concern is that it MIGHT be too long. But, honestly, overall, nice music and a good mix too.

Thanks for listening. Too long is a good point; I’ve lost perspective.

Yes, a very nice piece, starts out kind of Jean Michel Jarre then sort of morphs from there.

As I was listening I did wonder if the mix of electronica and acoustic was a little incongruous at times, leaving me wondering how this piece would work with less electronic content. It was some of the “spacey” sounds in particular that stood out in that regard. It left me wondering how this piece might sound if those parts were substituted with suitable sounds from an orchestral library. I thought it might be interesting to hear a fully orchestral version. :sunglasses:

The ‘Cowbell-like’ sounds at 3:36 is too loud - initially anyway, and I have to agree, overall too long I think. I don’t think there’s enough variation in overall theme to support this being as long as it is so I reckon you could easily get away with a fade-out ending at around 4:45. (Though maybe there’s parts that follow you might want to insert earlier?)

Anyway. Nice one! :sunglasses:

Good points you make Sherz. My ongoing intention is to fuze electronic elements with more traditional instrumentation. It may not always work but the idea is to give the listener a hyrid experience. Otherwise ,in this case for example, I’d be one guy trying to sound like a traditional salsa band. In that case I feel the path is better tread by a traditional salsa band.

I’ll have to try the earlier fade. I did a previous version like that. Thanks

I actually like the idea of ‘hybrid’ nothing wrong with that at all… I think for me it was just perhaps the relative balance of electronic vs acoustic and as mentioned the particular choice of electronic sounds used. But either way, I enjoyed the piece and you could just as easily elect to not change a thing and it’d still be an enjoyable listen. :sunglasses:

Nice job, thanks for putting it up. Agree with the comments on length. Very enjoyable.

Lots of dynamic elements and energy in this piece. Some nice turns
of motif and fills. An elegant feel and rhythm throughout.

On occasions I thought the percussive elements were too strong/loud.

I think the guitar is a bit buried in this mix, and I also think it is
under-utilized. My ears want it to be the star of the show, but it’s only peeping out
now and then and, most disappointingly for me, has little to say in terms of
melody or statement. This is the project’s weak spot, I suspect.
I can hum the stabs and filler riffs, and like 'em a lot, but I can’t recall any tune.
It’s like the backing tracks are all done and now we are awaiting the main part.
I’d also like to hear some finger/string noise in the guitar, enough to convince me
of its energy. Given the song title, I also think it’s fair enough for a listener to be expecting
something “Spanish” as opposed to broadly “Latin”. Hence my wish for more/stronger guitar lines.

Agree that it is about 3 mins too long, as it is. If something strongly melodic were happening,
length might not be an issue.


Again, thanks to all for the feedback. On the guiatr levels ,I guess as a guitar player doing all instruments, I prefer the solo “mixed in” as opposed to more in your face. I recorded this with a Neuman U89 in an open room and I’m looking to avoid as much guiatr noise as I can and feel lucky to do so as the Neuman picks up everything… I can certainly understand the “mixed forward” approach however. The melody actuallu licks in at 2:50 and from there on the guitar is mixed a little louder.

Anyway ,the main thing is to take the feedback I’ve gotten and listen with this in mind. Thanks all.

Gorgeous peice, Mr M. Love the occasional counterpoint between guitar and the flutey synth. I like how the energy builds up subtly. Really everything works great for me here

Thanks for listening Steve and Twilight

'Love it Mr M (particularly the Cuban elements and groove), beautiful melodies and some excellent guitar playing,
lovely production.

The lenght does’nt bother me personally :slight_smile: .



I’m enjoying the subtle and comforting vibe. I like the ghostly synth line, it really adds a nice ambient touch.
great mood muze that thankfully doesn’t end too soon, nice.


It’s a joy to hear your music. No nits, I’m just sitting back and taking it in, thanks for taking me away.


Thanks for the listens and comments

To long is not a problem, acc gtr is slamming. I would look at another section and maybe look for a another acoustic sound instead of the synth. Its cool once or twice but by the end it to predictable. The percussion playing is well done, during the breakdowns maybe some filtering to change the sound and give a different texture. Hope I am not being to forward but the tune has great potential

I really like the track, very energetic yet also somehow a little soothing. I did however also find it a bit long, to me it felt the track had to drag itself up to do one more minute. Can’t tell if that’s me having heard enough or if the song is really not as convincing in the last minute.
Great effort though, I am a big fan of the electronic/accoustic mix.

I’m with John (JSW) on this… thanks for sharing. Well done.