[music] Fall in Love

This whole thing has been grinding inside of my heart and soul for a long long time, and the time has come.

I used my cheapo midi keyboard to write and record most of the pad sounds.
My Martin, with the help of Cubase, was used to play the two lead riffs, and the rhythm tracks.

I sing the lyrics which are indeed simple. Falling in love is not complex. It’s after you fall in love that everything changes and becomes intricately complex.

I hope you like this, and welcome the criticism this lounge is so good at producing.


A bit cocteau twins.

Bravo! This is brilliant, Michael. As I started to listen, I leaned in with my critics ear to try to hear things in the backgound, like the little bells percussion - and the vocals, when it occured to me that the pads are in the fore,
most everything else is sorta vague and unclear -as in a dream.
Just as falling in love is like entering a dream. It’s beautiful.
then I just sat back and thouroughly enjoyed the piece.

Good show! And nice to see you expanding your horizons, style wise.


wow! stunning work, I’ve never heard you in this context michael.
very cool floater mate, and I love room filling mixes

Thanks for the listen, Lenny, and thanks for the positive. :smiley: