[music] Fall in Love

This whole thing has been grinding inside of my heart and soul for a long long time, and the time has come.

I used my cheapo midi keyboard to write and record most of the pad sounds.
My Martin, with the help of Cubase, was used to play the two lead riffs, and the rhythm tracks.

I sing the lyrics which are indeed simple. Falling in love is not complex. It’s after you fall in love that everything changes and becomes intricately complex.

I hope you like this, and welcome the criticism this lounge is so good at producing.


Hi Michael,
I’m very surprised that this didn’t get more comments in the lounge, because I think it’s excellent.
For the benefit of those who may visit here, but not there, I’ll get things started by reposting
the comments I left there:

Bravo! This is brilliant, Michael. As I started to listen, I leaned in with my critics ear to try to hear things in the backgound, like the little bells percussion - and the vocals, when it occured to me that the pads are in the fore,
most everything else is sorta vague and unclear -as in a dream.
Just as falling in love is like entering a dream. It’s beautiful.
then I just sat back and thouroughly enjoyed the piece.

Good show! And nice to see you expanding your horizons, style wise.


yes michael, definitely worth multiple listens, its such a dreamin thing. guitar and voice float around perfectly. its one of those things you must have been happy producing.
really a nice feel

Thanks Bob and Lenny.

Good stuff Michael. I was swept away with it :sunglasses:


Great track mate. Well done ! :slight_smile:


I agree with Lenny. Excellent.

Just sit back and dream.


I felt I was back in 1968 on a glorious summer’s day. :smiley:

Could you move the cello in from left, or move the fuzz guitar
out to right? It sounds left-weighted under cans.

It doesn’t get any richer than this.


Well, I can only concur that this is indeed a nice trippy, dreamy retro kinda tune. Quite soothing actually. Good chill-out stuff! :sunglasses:

Well, I’m overwhelmed.


Thanks for the encouraging comments!!

Hi Michael,

I like this, it’s a lovely soundscape. Very dreamy indeed! :sunglasses:
Great job!

Very true! :slight_smile:


…just like this song…falling in love is a ‘wonderfull’ thing!

If this was on Facebook, I’d click ‘LIKE’ :wink:

Nice work, Michael!


Thanks Wim
Thanks Sav

Thanks Sherz - I needed all this encouragement.