[music] Fixed Error - Danger Time

Hi all,

A new track that I’d apreciate some mix feedback/thoughts on. Havent fully mixed it as yet and may add some more parts or rearrange. This is about as “dance” as I get!

Fixed Error - Danger Time - MP3 320kbps 5:19 mins

Link here:


Mainly used Vanguard, Predator & Kontakt 4.



Nice job, it certainly has plenty of thump but also dynamics, and it kept my interest to the end. Not predictable, and I liked it, although maybe somewhat long? Seems already rich enough in parts. Really well done.

Excellent. Loved it :sunglasses:

This really invokes images of Depeche Mode for me.

Good stuff. This definitely had my interested until the end.

mix sounds fine to me and very dance! Good job. :smiley:

Hey thanks all for the kind words. Much appreciated :wink:

Yes might look to shorten it a bit - theres a couple of sections that can be trimmed methinks. I’m terrible at doing anything under 4 minutes.