music flows into next system, why?

Hello, strange thing is happening, may be I have inadvertently changed a setting. Meter is 3/4, my music flows into the next system without respecting the bar lines:

merci Alain,

strange, this is not ticked in my setup. Also ticking, applying, un-ticking, applying makes no difference (I have chosen the appropriate layout).
It must have to do with the fact, that I imported this music via music.xml…
There were other oddities, like the inability to add repeat bar lines (all bar lines after that would disappear…)

k_b, just an idea: if you select all, filter and delete all time signatures and re-enter the time signature at the beginning of the piece, does that set things right?

Were the measures split in this fashion in the original (pre-xml) doc, or did this only happen after you applied Reset Appearance/Reset Position options?

A cursory search revealed this similar thread, that was last updated yesterday.

Any good?

I have fixed my score by re-entering the time signatures.
Now everything behaves as wanted.