Music font size

Is there a way to create a second Character Style for music font. The thing is accidentals are perfect in size (when using tokens, for example, in Title or layout name, etc.). But other SMuFL symbols are extremely small in comparison to the font size in text. So, when I want to add a notehead or a percussion symbol or harp symbol in-line with text, but in an information field (title, subtitle, etc.) where I have no control of a single word size, the symbols are ridiculously small. But if I change the character style of music text, then in my layout names the accidentals get ridiculously big.
Does my question make sense?

Your question makes so much sense, in fact, that there is this font called Bravura Text, just beside the normal Bravura. Try it instead, it should be much better.

Thank you for your suggestion. I just checked it, and the font selected for music text is indeed Bravura Text, so I’m still having the problem.

You can certainly create another character style, yes. That’s what Engrave > Character Styles is for. But Dorico will always use the default ‘Music text’ character style when it comes to the automatic resolution of tokens, accidentals in harp pedal changes, and so on. You can use your own character style in Shift+X text, for example, by choosing it from the drop-down provided.

The thing is I want to use percussion symbols on a layout name; also, harp technique symbols in flow information fields. So I have no way of controlling size of single words.

That’s correct. If you need that kind of very specific control over the size of individual characters, you have no choice but to use Shift+X or Shift+Alt+X text.

Got it. Thanks a lot Daniel for your very appreciated help.

I’m sorry for bringing this issue again…
I’m having a similar problem again, and this time I can’t figure a way of solving it. I need to write some performance indications before the score/part, but those indications have some SMuFL characters in them. If I write all those indications in the “Other Information” field of either the project or flow, I can easily use the appropriate token for the symbols in the information field, and then use the respective token in engraving mode (using it in a master page, which speeds everything up because it applies for every layout I need immediately). The problem is that the symbols appear extremely small in relation to the text size, to a point that it is unreadable. Here’s an example of this:

The apparent solution is to override the text frame of the master page and write directly into the text frame (no tokens). This way, I can select the symbols and change to the appropriate font and size. This “solves” the first issue, but generates a new problem: now there’s a visible gap between the text lines (because of the font size of the symbols).

Has anyone come up with a similar problem? Is there a workaround to solve this?

There’s no great solution that I know of. You can shift upwards the baselines of a selected line of text.

If I shift the baseline of the selected symbol, it also shrinks; so it’s back to the first problem.

Are you using Bravura or Bravura Text for these glyphs? If the former, try the latter.

Surely not? Baseline shifts have no effect on font size.

Thanks! You’re completely right; my bad. I just tried it. Shifting the baseline of the selected symbol has no effect on font size; but it has no effect also on the gap between the text lines.

I’m using Bravura Text. With Bravura, the gap is double or triple the size.

For another solution, you can always just leave spaces where the symbols should go, create the symbols in their own text frames, then drag to position.