Music fonts question

Is it possible (yet) to use November 2 as the Music Font but Bravura Text as the Music Text Font?

A publisher is finding even the smaller Bravura noteheads “a little thick” when stacked in root position triads. I think he’ll be happier with November 2 but I loathe the dynamics (p in particular) and would rather use Bravura Text…

I don’t see why not. November 2 is SMuFL compliant and you can make any text items whatever fonts you like by going to engraving modes and editing the font styles.

That’s my issue though. I have no problem making “cresc.” whatever font I want, but I can’t see a way of making “mf” or “pp” a different font to the global music font.

I may be missing something…

Simply go to Engrave > Font Styles and change the ‘Default Music Text Font’ to Bravura Text if you’re using November2 for your ‘Default Music Font’.

That’s exactly what I tried. It doesn’t work. See attached .png.

edit: chord symbols do seem to change when “Default Music Text Font” is changed. Dynamics don’t. Can’t post the file here as it’s someone else’s copyright, but I’ve emailed the offending file to Daniel…

Does it work if you start a new project?

No, it won’t: it turns out dynamics are using the ‘Default music font’ font style. I’ll sort this out so that they will use a dedicated font style in future. I can send a project to Leo that will allow him to achieve this in the meantime.

Many thanks Daniel.

Others (and anybody who dredges this up searching the forum in future), I’m not being dense; there’s a glitch in 1.1…

No, it’s not a glitch, but rather just that dynamics currently use the main music font style, which is as we intended when we put them in, but we can change it relatively easily for the future, so we will.

Sorry, I assumed that it was a glitch as it didn’t work the way you thought it did!

Very happy to have a solution, particularly one that’s arrived less than 24 hours after I raised the question - many thanks again.

Just because I can’t remember exactly how we did something three or four years ago doesn’t mean we did it wrong! But I soon remembered once I actually looked into it. All sorted now, which is the main thing.