Music for a short film

A few months back, I had decided that my demo reel was lacking… well… something. So, instead of waiting for my next film, and then being at the mercy of the director and the picture, I got together with an acquaintance of mine who lives across the pond, and we put together a little short. I have gone ahead and scored it, and it will be going on my demo reel. Here it is:

Comments, suggestions, criticisms, wild praises of glory, all welcome. :smiley:


I can’t get anything when I foĺlow the link - just a blank black web page…


You need to have flash installed.


Damn these cursed Android tablets!

Okay, just watched and listened on my PC. The music works wonderfully well with the visual story and narrative, I thought. Classy and completely in sync with the pictures to the extent that (in a good way) you don’t focus on the music particularly, you focus on the mood - the combination of pictures and music. Really cool!


Well, thank you very much! :slight_smile: